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Healthe Hearts Day: Friday 14th February

This Valentine's Day, Healthe Care staff will be joining together and wearing red for Healthe Hearts Day. Learn more.

February 14th, a day that has traditionally caused hearts to flutter, will now be known as ‘Healthe Hearts Day’ as hospitals across Australia and New Zealand wear red and join together to promote the importance of heart health and raise awareness for Australasia’s number one killer.

With recent statistics showing that heart disease kills one Australian every 28 minutes and one New Zealander every 90 minutes, ‘Healthe Hearts Day’ provides an opportunity for healthcare professionals and communities to consider the steps they can take to improve their overall heart health.

“As the key contributors to heart disease, including smoking, obesity, physical inactivity and diabetes continue to be widespread on both sides of the Tasman, at Healthe Care we wanted to take the opportunity to raise awareness for heart health this Valentine’s Day. We’re encouraging everyone to pause for a moment, consider their own lifestyle and risk factors, and show some love for their heart on ‘Healthe Hearts Day’,” said Healthe Care Australia CEO, Steve Atkins.

Across Healthe Care’s hospitals events will be taking place, including free heart health checks, information stalls, free community education sessions, Valentine’s Day treats and raffles, with all money raised being donated to support the work of Heart Research Australia.

With the latest technology, groundbreaking techniques and a commitment to delivering the best patient experiences and outcomes, Healthe Care Australia continues to be at the forefront of the fight against heart disease. Learn more at