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Healthe Care initiative set to improve the health of the planet

Private hospitals from Townsville to Perth to Tasmania will be installing solar panels and switching to energy efficient LED lights, as part of a new sustainability initiative being rolled out across the Healthe Care hospital group.

The initiative will see Healthe Care improve its net energy consumption by over

6,200,000 kWh each year, the equivalent of more than 6200 Metric Tons of CO2

Encompassing 27 Healthe Care sites, the project is set to be completed by October 2018 and will be implemented in conjunction with The Green Guys Group, a Sydney and Melbourne based company specialising in environmentally friendly upgrades across businesses and households.

“Australia has set a target of a 26-28% reduction of our carbon emissions by 2030; an ambitious but achievable goal that we should be proud of. It’s indisputable that sustainability is something we should strive for to ensure the longevity for our children and generations to come,” said The Green Guys.

Healthe Care is committed to having a positive impact in the communities it operates, and this initiative fits well with the company’s commitment to innovation and ethos of ‘People First, People Always’.

“Healthe Care Australia is committed to managing the environmental impact and costs of our activities, in the interests of generations to come. Throughout our hospitals and in our daily business, we are constantly seeking to improve our environmental performance,” said Healthe Care Australia CEO, Steve Atkins.